Why Storm Damaged wood?

My name is Jeff Kuchak. I live in the Endless Mountains region of North East PA.  I try to combine my love of the outdoors with the joy working with my hands brings me.  Being able to take a piece of wood and shape it into an object that someone will hold brings me much enjoyment.

Storm Spoons came about as a response to the devastation that natural disasters bring.  I wanted to create  beauty from the damage that a natural disaster brought to us, in our case it all started with Hurricane Sandy.

The wood that I use is all harvested from downed trees that fall during a storm event.  One tree alone can give me over a years worth of material to carve.

Each spoon is branded with my initials and the corresponding storm event i.e. hurricane, tornado, snow, flood and year.

My spoons are all sealed with Cold Pressed Organic Flax Seed Oil.  This provides a very durable finish. It is far superior to mineral oil which never hardens and can wash out.  It cost more to use but it should not ever have to be reapplied.