TV Interviews and Newspaper Articles.  This is an extended version of the interview I did with Mike Stevens.  I have to thank Mike immensely he did such a great job! I cannot wait to have him come back to see some Spoon Carving.

Bridge Day 2017

I was also interviewd by Gem 104 at bridge day during their Polka Hour!

Mike Stevens of WNEP 16 stopped by. He is the host of On The Pennsylvania Road and it was such a pleasure to talk to him. is the link to the show.

This is an interview I did when I was selling at Assembly Row in Somerville, MA.  Great group of people I am so glad they allowed me to be part of their show.


This was an interview I did with MICHAEL WINTERMUTE of the Wyoming County Press Examiner


Nadia and I were interviewed for a local newspaper for the fathers day edition. I want to thank Joan Mead Matsui for the wonderful interview it was so much fun.–and-a-tree-house

Jeff Kuchak