Copying vs "COPYING"

In art school we learned by copying artwork, we learned by copying what the teacher put on the board, and the projects they developed.  The same holds true for spoon carvers.

Most spoon carvers will buy a spoon because they like an aspect of it and try to copy it.  

Notice all of these are small c copies.

 This type of copying is done to learn, to grow, to explore a new form.  Its done in the spirit of knowledge and learning.  There is a purpose to this type of copying.

Big C COPYING is different.  This is done for financial gain.  A big no-no.  COPYING a persons design and selling it as your own is very much frowned upon.  The designs that you see various spoon carvers use have come through hard work, research, and work.  How many spoons or bowls were trashed before they came up with their designs?  How many years has a person been chasing the design?   It is why a lot of spoon carvers do not post a lot of pictures of their items.  People have been known to steal the pictures, the descriptions, and designs of others.

Even if credit is given please ask the person first before you utilize one of their designs. 

If you see this happening and know who the original artist is please let them know.  They will appreciate it.  

Jeff KuchakComment