Tools, Tools, Tools

Where do you get those knives? This is a common question asked at craft shows when I do demonstrations.  

 The straight knife or Sloyd knife is a Mora 106.

Its about $27 if you cannot spend $27 on a knife do not get into this hobby.  Seriously when you see the prices of the axes or adze you will faint.  Run away now before you get hooked.  

The hook knife or curved knife is from

del stubbs

Nic Westermann

With NIc's tools you will have to handle them yourself. Make a handle about 12'' drill a hole epoxy.  Then cut if its too long.  Nic's tools are the easiest to sharpen. Many people are stealing his designs.  His are worth the wait.  

My Ax is a Gransford Bruks Swedish Carving Ax

A complete set from robin wood

Great minds think alike, but his is a bit more concise :( here is Peter Follensbees blog post on the same topic  Peters blog and online store can be found here

Peter has a booming voice that makes me think of Fire and Brimstone being spoken from a 17th century (probably highly carved) pulpit.  He is an extremely generous and patient teacher.  I have enjoyed talking and meeting him over the last few years.  His wit is only matched by his humor, a great craftsperson please visit and get to know him.  

Videos –

The Spoon, the Bowl & the Knife, Wille Sundqvist film. DVD.

Carving Wooden Spoons with Peter Follansbee, Lie-Nielsen DVD.   

Jarrod Dahl, The Art of Spoon Carving, Popular Woodworking DVD

Jögge Sundqvist, Carving Swedish Woodenware, Taunton Press DVD, 1988


Books –

Wille Sundqvist, Swedish Carving Techniques, Taunton Press.

Barn Carder, aka Barn the Spoon, Spon – a Guide to Spoon Carving and the New Wood Culture.

Coming 2017, Jögge Sundqvist, Slojd in Wood – Lost Art Press


Del & Mary Stubbs, knives, etc.

Hans Karlsson & Svante Djarv tools: axes, knives, etc – through Maine Coast Craft School –

UK seller for HK tools –

Same for Svante Djarv –

Robin Wood’s spoon carving tools –

Hans Karlsson website –

Nic Westermann, blacksmith; knives, hatchets etc.  –

Jason Lonon -toolmaker

Reid Schwartz toolmaker


Jeff Kuchak