Plant Based Diet...Why would You do that? Any Benefits? Results?

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Oh no here come the Vegans….Stop right there.  I do not subscribe to the "Vegan" religion. I enjoyed hunting, and still enjoy fishing.  We still eat fish. If we catch it we eat it.

Plant based is a way to take out the religious, political, emotional aspects of Veganism.  So when I say Plant Based, that is all I mean. Plant based no extra baggage. 

The majority of what we eat is plant based.  It's that simple. All grain, raw sugar, plants, mushrooms, ancient grains, rice, beans, veggys, etc…

The next question we get a lot is "don't you crave meat"?  Honestly no. Sometimes I will crave a piece of dark chocolate, but that is rare.  I believe that a craving means that you need something that food can offer so go for it.  But I truly after a week of eating plant based have not looked back.  

How much variety can you have eating plants.  The truth is a lot. We have breaded Cauliflower that we put hot wing sauce on and it's awesome! Buddha Bowls, mushroom burgers etc….so much great food.  I love pizza, so do I.  Ancient grain flat bread and non dairy cheese yum!  This blog will be sharing my favorite recipes and will also showcase my carving work.  WIN WIN!

Does it work? A better question is how does it make you feel?

After a full month eating this way, I feel great. Alert and happy, and grocery shopping is so much easier because I can skip huge sections of the store.  I feel healthy, I feel happy, I feel alert.  This alone makes it worth it.   

Does this Plant Based Diet work?

I will not call this a diet, a diet is something you do for a bit and then go back to eating the way you always do.  This is more a lifestyle change, a change for the better. My meals do not weigh me down. I do not need to take a nap after eating.  I look forward to meals and enjoy what I make and eat.


How did you start or learn about Plant Based Eating.  

What got us to really make the change was two things.  The first was a PBS show on “The China Study”. It showed that if 20% of your diet was made up of animal products it can turn cancer on.  Below 20% it turns it off. No brainer here. Plus I am lactose Intolerant so I was not afraid to so shop down certain aisles in the grocery store :)


The big second was Forks Over Knives.  I highly recommend you see the show on netflix.  Look at how healthy the people look, listen to their stories.

The books I have from them include the following:


Just as an fiy, my wife dropped her bottom blood pressure number by 20 points in only one month.  I lost about 10 pounds, felt great enough to start jogging again too.   Yeah it works.

Up next is what supplies do I need? 


Forks Over Knives
Starring T. Colin Campbell, Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., Neal Barnard, Junshi Chen
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