What Supplies do I need for a Plant Based Diet

We did not need a lot of new equipment for our transition to Plant Based. 

A few things have really helped though. 

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The food savers, rubbermaid makes a great one. We have two sets of these.  It keeps your plants fresher longer in the fridge.  It has really helped us to keep eating fresh veggies all week long.  Great sizes too.

A chef knife. I have one similar to the one below. Mine actually came from Massdrop but its chef style.  Having a sharp knife to prep is essential.  

Cutting Board. See stormspoons.com I make them.  I seal them with Organic Flax Seed Oil which is much better then mineral oil and beeswax.  Flax will not wash out it stays penetrates and makes a great barrier.  I use it on everything I make.  What would you rather cook in a pan of mineral or or flax seed oil?  

Wooden Spoon....Hay I make these too! I love carving spoons if you want something written on your spoon just drop me a line.  I make cooking and eating spoons also sealed with Organic Flax Seed Oil.  

Food Processor, get a nice one easy to clean. It makes using it enjoyable.

Blender we have a mid range one, it works great when your blending bananas into baked goods.

Steamer/rice cooker my next purchase.  We have it a lot and I want to buy bulk rice/grains so this will make things more economical.

Crock Pot I went with the 7 quart, holds more and then I freeze what I do not use.  

All in all that is it, you do not need a lot you probably have much of it.  The food savers work and are a good investment.  

If you get stuck on a product let me know I am glad to help!!





Jeff KuchakStorm Spoons