Vegan vs Plant Based is there a difference?

Is there a difference between Plant Based and being Vegan?  To me as someone starting out on my own Plant Based journey yes.  

Vegan is to me a religion.  People who are Vegan (big generalization here I know but I am writing about the people I have met, your experience may differ) want everyone to know they are Vegan.  They also want to convert as many people as they can.  They put up monuments/shrines to animals and are very vocal about what you are doing.  They have no problems telling you how bad your diet is and how you should be vegan.  

Plant based is an internal choice.  If you spouse, child, neighbor is not eating plant based, so what.  I do not go around trying to convert anyone.  I do not care if anyone knows that I am plant based. I find people are much more likely to ask questions about it when your not ramming home your beliefs.   

For me it was a personal choice to get healthy. That is it.  I am lucky my wife is all in too, and my daughter is pretty close.  But if she is not, I really do not loose any sleep at night that she had a chicken nugget.    

I still fish, and eat what I catch.  But the majority of what I eat is plant.  Plant based is my choice what your choice is that is up to you. 

Forks over knives helped form my decision, so did The china study.  Having a mother pass away with a rare form of cancer and living in an area that seems to have a lot of rare forms of cancer make me want to be proactive.  I do not want to have to change my diet to live.  Instead I changed my diet to live better. I feel great, eat great, and better yet enjoy what I eat.  

If your just starting out like I am enjoy the journey, give it a month and feel the difference.   

Jeff Kuchak