Cheese Board

Cheese Board


Black Cherry Cheese Board a bit thinner then the deicated cutting boards. 

These are duel purpose and can be customized.  

Most food safety people recomemend that you have a different cutting board for each item. Ie one for fish, meat, veggys.  The problem becomes how do you remember what side is for what.  I can customize one side of the cutting board to help you remember.  I have an example pictured.  We use the side with the chip carving as a cheese board and the other side as our cutting board.  We have a few of them, with each one different we can remember what is used with what.  If all else fails take a sharpie and write on the bottom of the cutting board with an arrow what side is to be used for what.  (You will not hurt my feelings by doing this I promise :) ) .  

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